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Our Mission

  • ​To bring Health and Wellness to a wider audience. 
  • To increase accessibility to all.
  • Holistic health is a right, not a privilege. 

Our Vision

  • A fundamental belief of this practice is that massage should be accessible to all.  
  • We do this by keeping prices down 
  • With no loss in the quality of the therapy received.


Our Skilled 


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Graham H

Senior Massage Therapist

Graham H massage

Graham H

Senior Massage Therapist

Graham has been practicing for 8 years and loves what he does. He passionately enjoys helping clients through Relaxing Massage, Swedish, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and CBD-oil Massage. He is currently training in Lymphatic Drainage.

He is a Senior Yoga Teacher with 15 years teaching experience. 

This unique combination gives him a thorough understanding of how the body works and the best way to treat pain and tension.

Graham creates awareness of your needs, identifies problem areas and applies a range of techniques to achieve desired results. His experience means that he is able to tailor treatment before and during therapy.

He is an an accredited member of the Association of Soft Tissue Therapists 

Graham is an avid meditator and continues pursuing his passion for eastern philosophy.

Very good massage. 

Adjusted the massage and concentrated on different areas depending on what my body needed. 

Very pleased.

October 2021

Graham was prompt, friendly and professional. 

He listened to my concerns and checked I was ok when applying deep pressure. 

Would recommend and try again!

August 2021

Graham gave an excellent massage which really helped with my shoulder tightness. 

I really noticed and increased range of movement in my shoulders after the massage. 

He was also lovely - would 100% recommend

January 2021